Vivian’s husband has always been well aware of her bisexual tendencies. She made sure that he knew upfront that she had sexual feelings toward other girls when they met and he more than okay with it. He would occasionally stumble across her with her legs spread wide and her fingers deep inside her own pussy while watching lesbian porn, but that was pretty much as far as it went until she met a friend at work. This sexy blonde was extremely friendly and also extremely lesbian. They had a lot in common and were soon spending a lot of time together, making her husband wonder if maybe she had decided that a lesbian affair was appropriate in their relationship.

Little did he know that not only had the two women never even considered having sex with each other, but they spent most of their time talking about cock. Her friend had never been with a man and Vivian was more than happy to tell her all about how good then feel when they slide inside your mouth or plunge into your pussy. it was through these conversations that they started to form an idea that would change their lives forever and they knew exactly how they were going to make it a reality.

Vivian invited her friend over one day and they two immediately got undressed and waited for her husband to come home. When he walked in on the naked pair his first thought was that they were indeed fucking each other, but it dodn’t take long to explain that they were both there for his cock. Her friend had decided to ask him to be her first straight sexual encounter and he happily agreed as she wrapped her fingers around his cock. They all had a lot of fun, but being a married man, he gave his load to wife. Now they do it on cam.

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