Kylie Rose is anything but a model student. She puts almost no effort into her schoolwork and she spends the majority of her day staring off into the distance and daydreaming. Today was an especially bad example of the level of contempt that she has for her education. She was sitting in her desk when she noticed a giant lump in her teacher’s pants. It seemed to her like the way she was wearing her uniform was doing something for him that he would have preferred to keep private. She knew that her short little skirt was giving him a raging hard on and the idea that she was able to get him hard and ready to cum went straight to her pussy and made it drip with her sweet juices. She didn’t even bother leaving the classroom as thoughts of hims sliding that thick cock inside of her made her spread her legs apart and start caressing herself under her panties.

She was just about to let herself cum when he caught her red handed and yelled at her to stop touching herself in front of he entire class. She wanted to finish and tried ignoring him, but it just didn’t work. Before she knew it, she was ordered to his desk to receive her punishment.

He pulled down her skirt right then and there and gave her a spanking that sent pain shooting through her entire body. He wanted to teach her a lesson right there in front of everyone, but he had no idea just how much she was enjoying herself. A few slaps from his hand onto her ass cheeks later and she was shaking and moaning in intense and satisfying orgasm right in class. It seems he enjoyed it a little himself since they do it all on cam now.

Lina was just getting home after an extremely long and difficult day at work. She could usually keep herself under control, but she spent the entire day with her tight little pussy dripping in her juices. She knew exactly why she was so turned on all day, but there was nothing she could really do about it. She always tried to keep her eyes off of the gorgeous woman who sat at the desk across from her, but it simply impossible on this occasion. Since she was in a teeny, tiny little skirt and the desks that they used didn’t have anything covering their legs, Lina was forced to stare directly up her skirt for her entire shift. It didn’t help at all that the women was also completely lacking any panties, so the perfect view that she got of her vagina made her own hole leak so much that her office chair was soaked by the time she left.

She told her husband all about it through text and he promised that he would do something to make her feel better once she got home, and he certainly did. As soon as she walked through the door, she ripped off all of her clothes and got right down to his knees to attack her throbbing and swollen clit with his tongue. She was so turned on that she came almost instantly while she stood right there.

She was so happy to feel the relief that she returned the favor by getting on her own knees and taking his cock into her mouth and swallowing his thick and sticky load. They spent the rest of the night talking about how they might be able to get that gorgeous coworker of hers to join her on her web cam some day.

It was time yet again for Kelly’s husband to celebrate his birthday. She was putting as much effort into his present as possible, but this time she just wasn’t sure what it was that he wanted. She tried to trick him into giving her some kind of idea about what he would make a good gift, but she just kept coming up empty. She was sitting in her house with her best friend talking about it when it finally hit her. There was really only one thing that she had never given him and if it worked out, she would be getting a nice little gift of her own at the same time.

She made the plan with her friend, who happily agreed, and called her husband into the room. He sat down in between and they immediately attacked him and got all of his clothes off. As soon as his cock was exposed, they both leaned down and wrapped their warm lips around the shaft. It shot to a full erection within seconds and his balls started to throb almost immediately with the need to shoot out a thick, creamy load of cum right then and there. The two women sensed that he was going to explode way too soon, so the decided to put on a show for him.

Kelly got on her back and her friend caressed her entire body before sucking her hard nipples into her mouth and sucking on them right in front of her husband. He was so turned on and happy with the gift that he was barely able to slide his dick into hi wife’s soaking wet pussy before filling it up with his tasty goo. They all enjoyed it so much that they’ve made the three way a regular occurrence on cam.

Adrina is typically a good girl who does what she’s supposed to, but sometimes she gets a little lazy and has to have her behavior corrected by her boyfriend. Today was one of those days when she knew full well that she was supposed to give him a nice, long and loving blowjob when he got home from work. He had expected to see her waiting for him on her knees with her sexy little mouth open and waiting for his cock, but he was severely disappointed. After spending the entire work day with his cock stiff and throbbing thinking about cumming all over her face, he walked in to find her fast asleep in bed.

As is usually the case, he wasted no time in waking her right the hell up and telling her how unacceptable her behavior was. She tried to apoolgize and say that she was only resting her eyes while she waiting for him to get home and walk in with his pants around his ankle, but she knew she was caught. She had no option but to submit to her punishment and dutifully carried out his orders as he tried to teach her a lesson yet again.

She stood and puled down both her shorts and her panties while he watched and ordered her to take her place over his knee. She balanced herself over it as quickly as she could in order to avoid any further wrath and closed her eyes just in time to feel his palm crack against her tight little ass for the first time. It would be a full half hour until he was satisfied with the punishment and he left her cheeks glowing a shade of red that would hopefully serve as a reminder to her to carry out her oral responsibilities.

An extremely horny Aarlyn was just minding her own business by playing with her aching and sopping wet pussy in a dirty restroom stall when she was taken by surprise by a very thick and very stiff cock. She saw it out of the corner of her eye as it slowly slid itself into her space through a glory hole that she hadn’t even noticed before she slid her fingers into her tight little hole. She really only had three options at this point and she could only choose one before she exploded in the satisfying orgasm that she was about to give herself.

Her first option was to stop touching herself and completely ignore the pulsating member until it went away. That would be what most people went with, but she had no intention at all of passing up such an amazing opportunity. She immediately wrote that one off and let a soft moan escape her lips as she got closer to cumming. The second option was simply to look at while she finished her business at hand. It was a very lovely cock and she could certainly lose herself in just admiring it. In fact, just glancing at it now had her hand drenched all of he way down to wrist in her pussy juice.

She decided to go with the third option and wrapped her lips right around the beautiful thing. She took it all of the way down her throat and feverishly rubbed her pink pussy until an even better idea came to her mind. She got right on from the toilet and bent over to slide her tight little hole right down over the head and onto the shaft, She took the mystery cock deep into her pussy and pounded herself with it until she came all over it.

Irina has two passions in her life and she’s never been ashamed of them. The first passion is her pussy. She lust loves everything about it. She loves the way it looks, she loves the way is feels and she certainly loves to touch it whenever she can. In fact, when she growing up, she got caught masturbating so often that her parents thought she was addicted to it. She had never been a quiet girl when her body started to feel the wonderful electricity of orgasm course through it, so they were never left unaware of what she was doing alone in her bedroom the second she got home from school. She’s pretty sure that that’s where her second passion comes from. She’s a girl who really loves to play dress up when she gets on her cam. It stands to reason that the memories getting caught so often after class is what gets her pussy nice and wet now. She just goes with it and she enjoys her time with her online friends very much. She shows off every single inch of her body and plays with her pretty little pussy for them every night.

That all changed, though. There was one night when she was looking forward to getting online and masturbating so much that she completely forgot that her friend was sleeping out on her couch. She was wearing her favorite outfit and her pussy was wetter than it had been in a long time and her moans of pleasure woke him up. He walked to her door and peeked inside to see her playing on her webcam. The sight made his cock explode into an erection and he stepped right in and joined her, showing her that sometimes sharing your passion is a lot of fun.

They’ve been doing it together ever since.

Holly has always been a good girl and never considered having sex on camera. Sure, she enjoys sex and spends plenty of time alone in her bedroom touching herself when she can’t have it, but the actually doing it in font of people never occurred to her. Luckily for everyone out there who likes to see hot naked bodies, her boyfriend has always had his suspicions that she might enjoy it. There was just something about the way that she would ride his cock that made him think that she was positioning herself so her could take in as much of her body with his eyes as possible.

He made the choice a few days beforehand and just waited until he thought his idea might work. He stopped having sex with her and knew that it was making her really horny. He would lie in bed next to her at night and pretend to sleep to make sure. After a few night of him lying there while she pleasured herself right next to him proved that she was craving his cock and knew then and there that he was going to give it to her the very next day.

He sat outside the bedroom for a few hours, listening at the door for the sounds of her self-induced moans. Once he heard them, he knew she was touching herself and that it was time for him to move. He walked right in on her with his camera in hand and broadcasting to the world. He moved right up to her with her fingers deep in her pussy and grabbed her pretty tits. He told her that the web cam was on and people were watching her and waited for her response. She quietly rolled over and presented her holes to him with a smile on her face.

Goldie just loves to be naked on cam and she certainly loves to put on a show that stays on you mind for weeks and months to come. She had the idea to do one out in public just to spice things up and have a little bit of fun with her boyfriend, but once she was outside and the fact that anyone on the street could just walk by and see her with a cock inside made her pussy drip with her juices. She obviously likes to be watched in the first place, but the added real world danger just turned her libido up to eleven and she had the brilliant idea of the best way to show off as much of her naked body as possible. She knew that it would make for a great show, plus it would be the best possible view for any of her horny neighbors.

She laid back in her seat and wrapped her pretty little toes around her boyfriend’s stiff and throbbing cock. She loved feeling his warm, veiny dick against her feet, but she especially loved that he was able to hold the camera and show off every single inch of her body to all of her fans. With her pussy practically twitching and her face flushing in anticipation, she got down on her knees in front of him and and wrapped her mouth around his cock. She slid her lips up and down his shaft until she was rewarded with a mouthful of his thick and delicious cum, which she swallowed right down.

She gave a such a good show that day that her hidden neighbors immediately started clapping as the cum dripped down her chin. Ever since that day, they’ve all been watching her play with her boyfriend here.

Gianna is the kind of girl who just loves to feel herself filled up with a thick and stiff cock and she’s never afraid to hint at the kinds of fun things she’s like to do in the bedroom. That’s exactly the case when her birthday started to roll around this year. She had mentioned more than a few times that she loved to fantasize about being watched while she had sex. There was just something about the idea of hundreds of strangers’ eyes being on her body while she slid her wet and aching pussy up and down her boyfriends hard on while the people found their own dicks stiffening and standing at attention. The mere thought of her using her hot body to fill so many men with desire for her was always something that made her flood with desire and pussy juice.

Luckily for her, her boyfriend is a listener and he took her words to heart. He planned the night of her birthday for months and when the time to act on it came, everything went flawlessly and he was rewarded with a girlfriend who would be grateful for years to come and always remember her best birthday ever.

He set up a web cam behind her back and went online while she was out of the room. He went to get her and immediately went to work on turning on her body and her mind. The second that he got her naked and riding his cock like a cowgirl, he whispered sweetly in her ear that she was being broadcast to thousands of men and women across the world. His words played through her mind and finally stuck. The biggest smile she had ever smiled spread across her face and she got herself on her back so she could read the lovely chat comments.

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Gina likes to play on her web cam for all of her friends, but she’s usually alone when she does it. She never really considered getting naked or doing anything sexual because she never thought that she was that kind of girl. Her online time was simply there to have fun and talking about all of the things that she enjoys doing and seeing what her friend are up to. She may have watched a few couples cams in the past and enjoyed them, but there’s always a huge difference between the things that you watch and the things that you do.

That all changed, thought, and now her mind is totally changed about the subject. She was online just like usual and talking about music when her boyfriend sat down next to her. She knew that he had been horny all week, but she just hadn’t been in the mood to have sex. He would try to get into her pants every single night, but she would politely decline and roll over to go to sleep. She could have taken care of his needs with her hand, but she decided to be selfish about it and just let him suffer in silence, but she never even thought that he might be planning his revenge.

The second he sat down next to her, he reached over and lifted her shirt right on camera. She cried out, but he moved quickly and wrapped his lips around her nipples and sucked hard. The sudden sensations immediately made her pussy flood with juice and she forgot all about the fact that she was broadcasting. She got down on her knees and took his cock deep into her mouth and sucked out all of his backed up cum. It was at that moment that he reminded her with her camera in her face.

She decided that she liked it!