Lucious is the kind of friend who’s always there for you whenever you need any kind of help at all. Whether it’s a ride somewhere or just a shoulder to lean on, she prides herself on being a good person who never refuses to help a person out. That even extends to one of her guy friends who has the very unfortunate condition of having a penis that’s just too big for most women to take. He’s tried over and over to meet someone who can satisfy his cravings for sex, but one look at the massive thing that he’s packing and they always shy away.

It was a late night and the two were sharing a drink when he decided to open up to her about his problems. It had been a full year since he had had sex and it was really affecting him. No matter how many women he took home with him, they just couldn’t bear the pain of being filled up by his massive member. Lucious immediately sprung into action and invited him over to her place to see what was going on underneath his pants and see if she couldn’t do something to help him out with it.

Once it was out, her mouth dropped open and her eyes went wider than they’ve ever gone. This was truly going to be a challenge, but she would meet it head on and make sure that her friend in need was taken care of. She got naked and spread her legs wide for him, presenting her tiny asshole as a gift. It took a full half hour for him to squeeze himself in and he almost tore her apart, but he finally entered her and immediately started shooting his cum all over the place. She was fast to use her mouth to collect it all and save her furniture.

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