Lisa and her boyfriend have never been strangers to having kinky sex, but the thing that gets the both of them begging for the delicious release of orgasm is doing it out in public where they can easily get caught. Not only does the danger of it all turn them on, but they both secretly like the idea of other people watching them fuck each other and cover each other with their love juices. It was this desire to be freaky that lead to the both of them finding their new career and loving every single second of their new lives together.

They were meeting up with some old friends for dinner at their house and arrived on time to have a fun night together. Unfortunately for the little party, the two people who owned the house had to unexpectedly run out. Lisa and her boyfriend offered to leave and come back when everything was taken care of, but the friends insisted that they stay right there in their house until they got back. There was no sense in them leaving and they were all friends, so nothing bad could have possibly come from the situation.



Once they were alone in the house that wasn’t their’s they didn’t even bother talking about what they shoudl do. Lisa already saw the bulge in her boyfriend’s pants and she could feel her own pussy juice flooding her thighs. The excitement of fucking in the house while the owners were out was just too good to pass up, so Lisa leaned right over and took his cock into her mouth. They fooled around for awhile until she ended up on the table with her legs spread, which is exactly when they noticed the camera. Their friends had set uip a web cam to catch them fucking and were enjoying the show very much. Now it’s their weekly ritual.

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