Layla likes to present herself in a positive and professional manner when she’s at work, but today had other ideas for her. She had a big presentation in fron of all of her bosses and the board of directors at her company and knew that she had to look good in order for everything to go smoothly. As is her usual habit, she decided to run into the women’s room just before her big moment and relieve some of her stress by caressing her pussy in a stall and giving herself a nice, relaxing orgasm. Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

With her nylon tight down around her ankles and her legs spread wide, she licked her fingers to get them slick and slid them over her clit. The pleasure almost immediately began coursing through her body and she was almost ready to cum within a few seconds, but then the unthinkable happened. She let a moan escape her lips and suddenly heard every woman in the restroom gasp and turn around to her stall. She immediately stopped fucking herself and pulled her tights up as quickly as possible, tearing them in the process and burst through the door and out of the room as fast as she could run while covering her face from the embarrassment of being caught masturbating. She looked terrible with her ripped stockings and was now so worked up from not cumming that her presentation went horribly.

When she finally got home, she was close to tears and told her boyfriend all about it. Always one to make her feel better, he showed her that ripped nylons don’t matter by tearing a new hole for himself over her pussy and giving her the orgasm that she so desperately needed with his mouth. She now makes her living by fucking on cam.

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