Kari has spent her life as a sexy blonde who gets more attention from men in one day than most women get in their lifetime. Unfortunately for all of the guys who spend their time fantasizing about her, she has very specific requirements when it comes to the people that she’ll date. First and foremost on her list is that the men absolutely have to have delicious cum. It’s impossible for her to go about her day unless she starts it with a delicious and protein rich breakfast, and that breakfast always needs to be made out of cum. If the man she’s with doesn’t have a great tasting seed to offer her, then she’ll never be able to accomplish all of the things that she needs to while she with them.

Whenever she takes someone home, she always has to give them a test the next morning. Before they wake up, she goes to work on their cocks to get them nice and hard for the coming trial. When it’s ready, she wakes them up in the best way possible by rubbing her amazing chest all over them and showing off her amazing ass and tight and taught figure.



With a smile on her face, she goes right down and takes their now stiff dicks deep into her mouth. She knows exactly how to suck them so she’ll get he meal as quickly as possible. She likes to run her tongue over the head and glide her lips over the shaft while using her hands to cup and massage the balls. It only takes a few minutes before they explode right in her mouth and she can play with the warm, tasty goo on her tongue before she swallows it all down and starts her day off right. If you’d like to apply, check her out here.

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