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She spent months watching porn and trying to learn from the experts. She needed to know exactly what a perfect blowjob meant and how she could give it. After she picked a few tips, she would invite one of her friends over to try it out and see what he thought. Then she would simply repeat the process over and over until she felt that she was ready for the most important show of her life.

She finally got to a point where she felt she was ready and handed out the password to her site. Once she saw that her room was full, she set about the matter at hand and took her friend’s thick, stiff dick all of the way down her throat. She made sure to look right into her eyes so he knew that she was doing this for him and made doubly sure to play with his swollen balls the entire time. She was rewarded for all of her hard work with a sticky load of hot cum in her mouth after just thirty seconds. She still shows off on cam.

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