A girl like Destiny is a girl who loves to have her body admired by as many people as she can possibly get to look at it. She loves to show off and she loves to play for all of her fans and she knows exactly what it is that they like to see. She never holds herself back from going the extra mile for them because she knows deep down that it’s not sex that really turns her on, it’s the act of being watched by hundreds of eyes while she’s having it. It’s the thought of men pleasuring themselves to her hot and sexy body that gets her wet, not the thought of having it filled with thick cock.

She always takes the time to get her men off, but she always gives her focus to her web cam. I this instance, she was letting her man have all of the fun that he wanted with her perfect little ass from behind, but she kept her eyes on her monitor and read the comments as they came in. Every single time she read one about how nice her body was or how hard seeing her get fucked from behind was making one of her fans, her pussy gushed with her tasty juices and flooded over her soft, silky lips.

When it came time to let her friend release himself, she told everyone who was watching her to take their cocks into their hands and make sure everything timed out perfectly. She got on her knees and smiled for her entire room while she stroked himself over her and let his cum explode all over her amazing tits and dribble down her chest. While Destiny loved the feeling of the goo all over her, she loved knowing that at least a hundred loads were blown to her at that very second. She does it all the time.

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