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It was a late night and the two were sharing a drink when he decided to open up to her about his problems. It had been a full year since he had had sex and it was really affecting him. No matter how many women he took home with him, they just couldn’t bear the pain of being filled up by his massive member. Lucious immediately sprung into action and invited him over to her place to see what was going on underneath his pants and see if she couldn’t do something to help him out with it.

Once it was out, her mouth dropped open and her eyes went wider than they’ve ever gone. This was truly going to be a challenge, but she would meet it head on and make sure that her friend in need was taken care of. She got naked and spread her legs wide for him, presenting her tiny asshole as a gift. It took a full half hour for him to squeeze himself in and he almost tore her apart, but he finally entered her and immediately started shooting his cum all over the place. She was fast to use her mouth to collect it all and save her furniture.

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She spent months watching porn and trying to learn from the experts. She needed to know exactly what a perfect blowjob meant and how she could give it. After she picked a few tips, she would invite one of her friends over to try it out and see what he thought. Then she would simply repeat the process over and over until she felt that she was ready for the most important show of her life.

She finally got to a point where she felt she was ready and handed out the password to her site. Once she saw that her room was full, she set about the matter at hand and took her friend’s thick, stiff dick all of the way down her throat. She made sure to look right into her eyes so he knew that she was doing this for him and made doubly sure to play with his swollen balls the entire time. She was rewarded for all of her hard work with a sticky load of hot cum in her mouth after just thirty seconds. She still shows off on cam.

Alisha was all dressed up in her most professional clothing when she walked into the office to give her interview. She had been looking for a new job for quite some time and really had her heart set on going to work for this company. Not only was she running dangerously low on money and starting to get desperate, but it was also something of a dream job where she would be in charge of all the latest fashions that the modeling agency’s girls would be wearing in their promotional campaigns. The hours would be long, but the work would be rewarding and really help out her career.

When she sat down with the man in charge, the two immediately hit it off and things seemed to be going extremely well. In fact, they hit it off so well that they soon started talking to each other like they were old friends. They talked about what they do for fun and what their families are like and Alisha even told him all about her boyfriend. It was at that moment that things started to take a bit of different direction. It turned out that the boss was having some trouble in his marriage and admitted to not having sex for almost six months.

Alisha saw her opportunity right there and knew exactly what she had to do in order to cement her new position in the company. With a smile and a promise to take care of him even though his wife refused to, she stood up and slipped off all of her professional attire and got right down on her knees. She unzipped his pants and used all of her skills to give him the best blowjob of his life and took his massive, built up load all over her face and gorgeous tits. Needless to say, she got the job.

Lisa and her boyfriend have never been strangers to having kinky sex, but the thing that gets the both of them begging for the delicious release of orgasm is doing it out in public where they can easily get caught. Not only does the danger of it all turn them on, but they both secretly like the idea of other people watching them fuck each other and cover each other with their love juices. It was this desire to be freaky that lead to the both of them finding their new career and loving every single second of their new lives together.

They were meeting up with some old friends for dinner at their house and arrived on time to have a fun night together. Unfortunately for the little party, the two people who owned the house had to unexpectedly run out. Lisa and her boyfriend offered to leave and come back when everything was taken care of, but the friends insisted that they stay right there in their house until they got back. There was no sense in them leaving and they were all friends, so nothing bad could have possibly come from the situation.



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Vivian’s husband has always been well aware of her bisexual tendencies. She made sure that he knew upfront that she had sexual feelings toward other girls when they met and he more than okay with it. He would occasionally stumble across her with her legs spread wide and her fingers deep inside her own pussy while watching lesbian porn, but that was pretty much as far as it went until she met a friend at work. This sexy blonde was extremely friendly and also extremely lesbian. They had a lot in common and were soon spending a lot of time together, making her husband wonder if maybe she had decided that a lesbian affair was appropriate in their relationship.

Little did he know that not only had the two women never even considered having sex with each other, but they spent most of their time talking about cock. Her friend had never been with a man and Vivian was more than happy to tell her all about how good then feel when they slide inside your mouth or plunge into your pussy. it was through these conversations that they started to form an idea that would change their lives forever and they knew exactly how they were going to make it a reality.

Vivian invited her friend over one day and they two immediately got undressed and waited for her husband to come home. When he walked in on the naked pair his first thought was that they were indeed fucking each other, but it dodn’t take long to explain that they were both there for his cock. Her friend had decided to ask him to be her first straight sexual encounter and he happily agreed as she wrapped her fingers around his cock. They all had a lot of fun, but being a married man, he gave his load to wife. Now they do it on cam.

Alesia has been around the block a few times and there’s a very good reason for it: she just so happens to be blessed with the sexual super power of not having a gag reflex. She first learned this about herself in high school when she gave her very first blow job to one of her teachers in return for a good grade. She had no idea what she was doing but had seen enough porn to know that she was supposed to get down on her knees and take the massive, throbbing cock into her mouth until it thanked her with a giant load of white cum to swallow.

As she was on her knees, she happened to lose her balance for just a second and fell forward with the dick still in her mouth. It jammed itself right down the back of her throat. She could feel it all of the way back there and heard her teacher moan in the pleasure that it must have been causing him. He put his hand on her head and slid his cock inside even further, and Alesia just took it until she felt the hot, sticky cum shoot right down her throat. She had no idea that she had done anything special, but she made straight A’s for the rest of the year and became good friends with a lot more of the male teachers.

Now that she’s a little bit older, she understands what it’s like to be able to swallow a cock of any size and she uses it to her advantage. She invites men of all ages onto her web cam to experience the very best blowjob that she can give them and every single one walks away with a smile on his face. You can see her here.

Layla likes to present herself in a positive and professional manner when she’s at work, but today had other ideas for her. She had a big presentation in fron of all of her bosses and the board of directors at her company and knew that she had to look good in order for everything to go smoothly. As is her usual habit, she decided to run into the women’s room just before her big moment and relieve some of her stress by caressing her pussy in a stall and giving herself a nice, relaxing orgasm. Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

With her nylon tight down around her ankles and her legs spread wide, she licked her fingers to get them slick and slid them over her clit. The pleasure almost immediately began coursing through her body and she was almost ready to cum within a few seconds, but then the unthinkable happened. She let a moan escape her lips and suddenly heard every woman in the restroom gasp and turn around to her stall. She immediately stopped fucking herself and pulled her tights up as quickly as possible, tearing them in the process and burst through the door and out of the room as fast as she could run while covering her face from the embarrassment of being caught masturbating. She looked terrible with her ripped stockings and was now so worked up from not cumming that her presentation went horribly.

When she finally got home, she was close to tears and told her boyfriend all about it. Always one to make her feel better, he showed her that ripped nylons don’t matter by tearing a new hole for himself over her pussy and giving her the orgasm that she so desperately needed with his mouth. She now makes her living by fucking on cam.

A girl like Destiny is a girl who loves to have her body admired by as many people as she can possibly get to look at it. She loves to show off and she loves to play for all of her fans and she knows exactly what it is that they like to see. She never holds herself back from going the extra mile for them because she knows deep down that it’s not sex that really turns her on, it’s the act of being watched by hundreds of eyes while she’s having it. It’s the thought of men pleasuring themselves to her hot and sexy body that gets her wet, not the thought of having it filled with thick cock.

She always takes the time to get her men off, but she always gives her focus to her web cam. I this instance, she was letting her man have all of the fun that he wanted with her perfect little ass from behind, but she kept her eyes on her monitor and read the comments as they came in. Every single time she read one about how nice her body was or how hard seeing her get fucked from behind was making one of her fans, her pussy gushed with her tasty juices and flooded over her soft, silky lips.

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