Anastasia is the type of girl who knows exactly what she wants and is never afraid to g0 out and get it. Luckily for the men in her life, the thing that she usually wants the most is a mouthful of delicious cum. There’s just something about the taste of that warm, gooey stuff on her tongue that drives her wild and makes her pussy flood in her hot, wet juice. It used to be tough for her to get as much of it as she wanted, but it didn’t take long for her to learn just how to get her fill as quickly as possible.

She knows how good it feels for stuff cocks to slide into her tight little asshole, so when she really wants to fill her stomach with jizz, that’s exactly what she uses to get it all out. She never wastes time with talking or getting her guys hard. All she has to do is show off her bare ass and give them a good, long look at her naughty hole and all of those cock jump to attention like the good little soldiers that they are. With a simple gesture, she spreads her cheeks apart and takes the throbbing dicks deep into her body.

Once she gets them inside, she clenches her asshole nice and tight and give them as much of a reason to cum as possible. She likes to get them right to point of exploding, then relaxing her muscles to let them calm down and build up as much of her sticky present as possible. When it’s finall time to let them explode, she quickly slides off of themĀ  and gets on her knees to take those massive and stinky loads right into her mouth. Some are even too much for her to swallow in one gulp.

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