Alesia has been around the block a few times and there’s a very good reason for it: she just so happens to be blessed with the sexual super power of not having a gag reflex. She first learned this about herself in high school when she gave her very first blow job to one of her teachers in return for a good grade. She had no idea what she was doing but had seen enough porn to know that she was supposed to get down on her knees and take the massive, throbbing cock into her mouth until it thanked her with a giant load of white cum to swallow.

As she was on her knees, she happened to lose her balance for just a second and fell forward with the dick still in her mouth. It jammed itself right down the back of her throat. She could feel it all of the way back there and heard her teacher moan in the pleasure that it must have been causing him. He put his hand on her head and slid his cock inside even further, and Alesia just took it until she felt the hot, sticky cum shoot right down her throat. She had no idea that she had done anything special, but she made straight A’s for the rest of the year and became good friends with a lot more of the male teachers.

Now that she’s a little bit older, she understands what it’s like to be able to swallow a cock of any size and she uses it to her advantage. She invites men of all ages onto her web cam to experience the very best blowjob that she can give them and every single one walks away with a smile on his face. You can see her here.

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